Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Leaving Kijabe

We left Kijabe at 10am our time and even though we are both ready to go home it was hard leaving there. I think spending two months with the people there gave us just enough time to get comfortable in our relationships, making it hard to leave this morning not knowing if we would ever see some of them again. We both really enjoyed our time and service in Kijabe and it will be an experience that we will never forget. We are looking forward to sharing not only our pictures with you when we arrive home but also more details of the work we did, the people we met, and the different ways that God has been working in both of our lives. I am looking forward to Jodi sharing more with you all. She really made an impact in the lives of her patients while in Kijabe and now really feels like she knows which direction she wants to take in her professional life as a result of this experience.
We thank God for this experience here and all of you that helped to make it possible. We still don't arrive home until the 12th, so keep praying that God keeps us safe while we travel around Kenya. Also, we will try and come up with some date when we get back to share about our trip so watch our for future posts.