Friday, January 8, 2010

Africa at last!

Well it took some doing and we got here in a round about way but finally we were able to make it to Kenya...
Our trip got off course in Chicago when our plane from London was late leaving there because of snow and thus late arriving to Chicago. Apparently the Brits have a terrible time dealing with any amount of snow because the 40cm they received in London shut the city almost completely down and threw Heathrow(a major airport in London) into chaos. When we finally did get on our way to London we were diverted(b/c of the bloody snow) to Birmingham, a 100km north of London. This caused us to miss our connection to Nairobi and kept us in the UK for the day. The airline then bussed us down to London through the beautifully snow covered England countryside and we made it to and through Heathrow to catch our next available flight at 7pm thurs. We made, at last, to Kenya at 6:30 this morning (which is 9hrs ahead of you in the mid west) to enjoy a quick day with a short nap and rapid briefing before we head out to Kijabe in the morning.
Unfortunately the high speed internet here is 256k so that means we'll have a difficult time posting any pictures, if any at all. Also, we were issued a cell phone today, on which we can receive texts and calls for free but we don't know exactly the system works yet so our number will come at a later date.

We appreciate all your prayers and we thank God for guiding us safely on our journey this far. Ta ta for now!



  1. yay!! glad to know you made it! (btw, your tv is awesome)

    we miss you guys. don't forget the lion!

  2. Praise the Lord for going before you and making a way! Can't wait to hear all the daily details of your life there!!
    Love you guys tons and gallons, Lynda for us Stuckys