Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Party!!!

It's 145 in the morning and this place is getting crazy in anticipation for Super Bowl 44!!! The snacks are great and honestly it might be the best Super Bowl party that I have ever attended!!.......

Actually, I can't lie to you guys. Really it's just me. Sitting up all by my self. Snacks aren't really that great... bowl of rice crispies and a hand full of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Kenyans don't care about this game and right now I believe I'm going to be watching it with one other person, a die hard Colts fan who is a doctor here at the hospital that I have never met....... In all actuality this is the loneliest Super Bowl I have ever been apart of. I wouldn't even be able to watch the game if the boarding school 100yds from our house didn't have dish tv and I'm still not entirely sure that its going to be on (fingers are crossed). The only real anticipation I have is in telling the doctor that our fabulous President Obama picked her Colts so in all likely hood they will probably loose the game... haha twisted pleasures :)

Hope your celebrations are delightful.

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  1. Sad face! It's just me and my hubby watching at our house. I hope that you have the pleasure of watching this fine display of athletes in spandex pants. Can you believe you're almost half way through the clinical? It's moving pretty fast methinks!